There’s nothing worse than looking at the pile of clothes and bits and bobs that you’ve accumulated for your travels with sheer dread thinking “How on earth am I supposed to get ALL of that in there”.  With these tips, instead, you’ll think “Challenge accepted!”

Use pill cases to put your rings, or earrings in!

Packing Hacks Pill Compartment Box

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Prevent you necklaces from being tangled and knotted with cling film too!

Packing Hacks Cling Film

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Put balls of socks inside your shoes, or even lotion bottles!

Packing Hacks Shoe Stuffing

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Scared of a shampoo Explosion? Cling Film!

Packing Hacks Liquids

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Scared of having a razor loose in your bag?

Packing Hacks Binder Clip

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Pack heavy items like shoes and toiletries close to the wheels, with lighter items towards the handle. This way, your stuff will stay put when on the go and won’t topple over when stationary thanks to the weight distribution.

Packing Hacks Heavy Items

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Bobbles/hair ties always end up all over the place, so secure them together with a carabiner!

Packing Hacks Hair Ties Carabiner

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How to fold a shirt.

Packing Hacks Shirt Folding

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 Put your shoes in a shower cap to separate them from your clean clothes. An alternative to this is a good old plastic bag.

Packing Hacks Shoes

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 Protect your glass bottles of perfume and cologne in your socks! 

Packing Hacks Protect Your Breakables

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Check out this video below for all-around tips on how to ‘Pack Like a Pro’.

The ‘Ranger Roll’ Packing Technique

This technique turns most articles of clothing into a baton; t-shirts, jumpers, shorts, jeans, socks, and underwear – so much space can be saved. Once everything is rolled they can be easily arranged in your bag and you’ll find you are able to take a lot more with you than usual. I can personally vouch for this technique as it allowed me to travel around America with 3.5 months-worth of stuff in an 80-litre rucksack. A massive benefit of the Ranger Roll is that when you need to access anything in your bag, whether it be a quick rummage on the go or when you unpack at your destination – it doesn’t explode and require repacking as everything stays in place! One thing that you must bear in mind when using the Ranger Roll is weight. As you can pack more you need to make sure you can still carry your bag and meet your airline luggage requirements if necessary. Over the course of my travels, I managed to accumulate more stuff as I succumbed to my shopping addiction (shock). In the end, my backpack was so heavy I was at risk of toppling backward, but I realised I could counteract this by putting a small backpack on my front to balance myself out! It wasn’t very attractive, but it was effective and I was able to waddle my way back to the UK with all of my US bargain buys.

So now that you’ve been filled in you can give all of these hacks a go yourself and save some much-needed space!